ARCHIVED Policy Handbook

Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the District's Policy Handbook, please e-mail Allan Kallal, Associate Superintendent Business & Finance.

Policies are organized here by title (not code). Click on the letter you want to jump to policies with descriptions that start with that letter

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Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology HIBH
  Agreement HIBH - Exhibit A
  Failure to Comply HIBH - Exhibit B
  Rules and Etiquette HIBH - Exhibit C
  Staff Agreement to Comply HIBH - Exhibit D
  Student Agreement to Comply HIBH - Exhibit E
Access to Buildings ECAA
Admission of Foreign Students IECBA
Adult Education IGCA
Adult High School Programs HGEB
Administering Medicines to Students IHDC
  Request for the administration of medication or medical treatment form IHDC - Exhibit 1
  Release Form IHDC - Exhibit 2
Administration in Absence of Policy BFE
Administrative Organization Plan CC
Advisory Committees to the Board - School Councils BCF
Alcohol, Restricted & Illicit Drug Use IFCH
Alternate Programs HGBH
Annual Leaves of Absence GCBDA
Appointed Board Officials BCC
Authorized Signature and Cheque Writing Services DGA

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Board Chair - Powers and Duties BCB
Board Committees BCE
Board Member Compensation and Expenses BHD
Board Policy Development BFA
Board Role Expectations BBA

C (top of the page)

Central Office Out of Scope Management – Vacation, Statutory and Leaves GCBC
Class Size Monitoring HHB
Closure Facilities and Programs FL
Communications JB
Community Use of School Facilities JG
Conflict of Interest GBCC
Copyright EGAAA
  Sample "General" Copyright Release Permission Form EGAAA - Exhibit 1
  Sample "Specific" Copyright Release Permission Form EGAAA - Exhibit 2
  Copyright Permission Form EGAAA - Exhibit 3
  Parental Permission Form EGAAA - Exhibit 4
  Sample Copyright Information Labels EGAAA - Exhibit 5
Course Challenge HKA
  Course Challenge - Form HKA - Exhibit 1
CUPE Code of Conduct GBCB
CUPE Discipline Policy GDQ

D (top of the page)

Donations DFC

E (top of the page)

Early Retirement Incentive Plan - Teaching Staff GCPC
Electronic Surveillance (Video Cameras) ECAC
Emergency Closings EBCD
Emergency Plans EBC
Employee and Family Assistance Program GBEA
  Employee and Family Assistance Program - Referral Procedures GBEA - Exhibit 1
Employee Recognition of Service AGAB
English as a Second Language HGBI
Entrance Age IEB
Environmental Practices EA
  Environmental Practices EA - Exhibit 1
Ethics and Business Conduct GDO
Evaluation of Instructional Programs HM
Evaluation of School Administrative Staff GCNA
Evaluation of School Board Operations BK
Evaluation of Teachers GCN
  Evaluation of Teachers GCN - Exhibit 1
  Evaluation of Teachers GCN - Exhibit 2
Expense Reimbursements DLC

F (top of the page)

Facilities Construction FE
Facilities Development Goals FA
Field Trips and Excursions - Special Events HICA
  Table of Contents HICA - TOC
  Application Form HICA - Exhibit 1
  Education Summary HICA - Summary
  Health Certification & Parent/Gaurdian Waiver Form HICA - Exhibit 6
  Disclosure Letters HICA - Exhibit 2
  Planning for a Field Trip HICA - Checklist A HICA - Checklist A
  Principals' Final Checklist for Out of Town Travel (Mandatory) HICA - Checklist B
  Sample Consent Form (in and out of province) HICA - Exhibit 4
  Sample Field Trip Letter to Parent/Guardians HICA - Exhibit 3
  Student Travel Waiver HICA - Exhibit 7
  Waiver Forms Information HICA - Exhibit 5
Fire Safety Precautions EBBC
First Nation, Metis, Inuit Education Programs HGAI
Fiscal Management Goals DA
Fiscal Management Priority Objectives DAA
Fort McMurray School District Safety Policy EB
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy GB
Fundraising DR

G (top of the page)

Graduation Exercises HKFB

H (top of the page)

H (top of the page)

Harassment in the Workplace GBEB
Hazardous Chemicals Management EBBD
Health Promoting School Environment IHAA
Hearings On Teacher Matters GCA
Home Education HGBG
  Home Education HGBG - Exhibit 1
  Home Education HGBG - Exhibit 2
  Home Education HGBG - Exhibit 3

I (top of the page)

Imprest Account and District Charge Cards DJB
In-Camera Board Meetings BDC
Inclement Weather EBCDA
International Student / Student Exchange Program IECB
Interrogations and Searches IFG

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K (top of the page)

Kindergarten HGBJ
Knowledge & Employability Courses HGBM

L (top of the page)

Life Threatening Medical Conditions IHDD
Local Authority Pension Plan GBED
Locally Courses HFD
Lunch Break Responsibilities IHFAA

M (top of the page)

Management Compensation Committee BCEG
Management Team - Position Descriptions CD
Materials Resource Management ED
Mission Statement AD
Modified Work Program GBEE
  Modified Work Program - Form GBEE Exhibit - 1

N (top of the page)

Naming Schools FF
Negotiations Committee BCE
Networks Committee BCED

O (top of the page)

Off-Campus Educational Programs HGADA
Organization Charts CCA
Organization Chart - District CCA Exhibit - 1
Organization Chart - Education Department CCA Exhibit - 2
Organization Chart - Business & Finance Department CCA Exhibit - 3
Organization Chart - Human Resources Department CCA Exhibit - 4
Outreach Program HGBHA

P (top of the page)

Patriotic Exercises HNDA
Personnel Policies Goals GA
Personnel Records- Cumulative Records GBL
Policy Advisory Committee BF
Policy Review and Evaluation BFG
Principal GCAB
Professional Staff Development Opportunities GCL
Professional Staff Leaves and Absences GCBD
Professional Staff Leaves and Absences Form GCBD - Exhibit 1
Programs for Gifted Students HGBB
Protection of Valuables in Schools DMA
Public Participation at Board Meetings BDDH
Purchasing DJ
Purchasing of Hazardous Materials DJA

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R (top of the page)

Recognition of Accomplishment – Volunteers AGA
Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force GCPA
Registered Apprenticeship Program HGADB
Relations with the Community - Political Campaigns JMI
Relocation Advance GCCB
Relocation Expenses of New District Administrators GCCC
Reporting Board Meeting Business BDDK
Reporting Child Abuse IHEB
   Reporting Child Abuse Form IHEB - Exhibit 1
Resolution of Public Concern JL

S (top of the page)

Safety Personnel EBA
Safe and Caring Schools AE
School Attendance Areas IC
Student Attendance - School Attendance IE
School-Based Decision Making - General GBPA
School-Based Management (Staffing) GBP
School Board Legal Status BB
School Council JMA
School Year HD
School Libraries HIBD
School Medical Response Plan Template IHDD - Exhibit 1
School Properties Disposal Procedures DN
School Year - Organization of School Year HC
Second Language Instruction HGBF
Selection of Architect FEB
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity IB
Smoking or Alcohol on School Premises FN
Special Education HGB
Spectator Code of Conduct JBI
Staff Health and Safety GBE
Staff Supervisory Relationships GBCA
Student Achievement Awards IL
Staff Training and Development Opportunities GBO
Student Awards and Scholarships II
Student Appeals IFA
Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting HK
  Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting HK - Exhibit 1
Students Assisting Students Program IH
Student Fund-Raising Activities HGDF
Student Discipline IG
Student Fees IN
Student Insurance Program IHA
Student Records IO
Student Rights and Responsibilities IF
Student Safety IHF
Student Safety Patrols IHFB
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles EEAE
Student Transportation Services EEA
Superintendent CB
Superintendent - Evaluation CBG
Superintendent - Role and Responsibilities CBA
Superintendent's Roles - Exhibit 1 CBA - Exhibit 1
Support Staff Extra Duty GDKA
Surplus Land and Buildings FLA
Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members GCPD
System Record Retention CN

T (top of the page)

Teachers GCAG
Term Appointments for School Administrators GCGA
Trustees Running For Other Levels of Government BBFA

U (top of the page)

Use Of Electronic Devices In Schools HIBI

V (top of the page)

Vandalism ECAB
Vice-Principal GCAC
Volunteers CM
Volunteers Registration Form Cm - Exhibit 1

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Y (top of the page)

Sharing Information on Students with Status under Youth Criminal Justice Act JO

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