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AGAB Employee Recognition of Service

Adopted: October 13, 1982
Amended: March 14, 2006, April 9, 2008, November 25, 2015


The Board believes that a superior school system requires continuity from year to year.  This continuity is best provided when employees remain with the system.


  1. In May, the Board will host a banquet for employees who, in the current school year, September 1 to August 31 completed a predetermined number of years of service. Each employee being honored may invite a guest.
  2. Employees to be recognized will have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years etc. by August 31st.  Five(5) year recipients will be recognized at their work sites.
  3. CUPE Staff will be recognized according to the CUPE Seniority list and have attained years of service according to the anniversary date when commencing employment with the district. This does not include temporary or casual service, only the date of permanent employment.
  4. Service that is interrupted by a leave, (maternity, parental, deferred leave, sabbatical, personal leave, long term disability) or resignation(s) will be calculated from the time of initial employment, but not be counted towards recognition of years of service. Calculation of service will resume when employee returns to a position.
  5. If a teacher has worked during the school year, on a part-time contract (September-June) the teacher would be credited with one year of service.
  6. Staff that were part of both unions or switched from a union to non-union position during their employment with the district would have all service years counted for recognition purpose. (i.e. CUPE than ATA or CUPE than Non-Union)
  7. Each employee honored will receive a District certificate, which indicates the number of years of service.
  8. In recognition of service to the residents of the District, employees offering service for the periods of 5 or more years will receive a certificate and recognition from the Board of Trustees.
  9. The Board of Trustees may recognize employees who have provided exceptional service or who have gained provincial or national achievement, or who have retired or plan to retire by the end of the school year.
  10. A Staff Recognition Program will be produced for ceremony purposes.



  1. The planning, organization and implementation of the Staff Recognition Ceremony event is the responsibility of the Associate Superintendent, responsible for Human Resources or designate.
  2. A Guide to Staff Recognition Timelines has been developed and is updated yearly.
  3. Appeal by individuals with special circumstances may be made to the Associate Superintendent, responsible for Communications Human Resources or designate. The decision by the Associate Superintendent will be made in consultation with the Executive Committee and is final.
  4. A trustee may be invited to each school to participate in the presentation of the certificates



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