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BBFA Trustees Running For Other Levels of Government

Adopted: February 17, 2016


The board supports elected trustees running for another level of government at the municipal, provincial, or national levels.


The following guidelines should be followed when a trustee is campaigning:

  1. The trustee retains the responsibility of fiduciary duty as the trustee never stops being a member of the board.
  2. Confidentiality of In-Camera meetings must be maintained.  The trustee should avoid using specific examples from the school system during the campaign that would only be known because of the trustee’s involvement in confidential meetings.
  3. Caution should be exercised in accepting campaign funds to ensure that the pecuniary responsibilities of the trustee could not be questioned or compromised.

The trustee running for office at another level of government has the following options to ensure pecuniary interests and ethics are not questioned:

  1. Remain on the board and continue to deal with all issues around the board table while clearly separating the trustee role and the sought position.
  2. Request a temporary leave from the board in accordance with s. 82(1) for the purpose of engaging in election campaigning.
  3. Must comply with all municipality guidelines for signage.
  4. Avoid wearing political campaign buttons and distributing campaign information at public school board meetings and in schools.  Speaking at all-candidates’ forums in schools is an accepted practice.


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