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BCE Negotiations Committee

Adopted: November 17, 1992

Amended: April 9, 2001, December 4, 2001, March 13, 2007, June 17, 2013

Guidelines (Terms of Reference)

  1. 1.   Membership

    The committee shall include:

    1. Appointed Trustees;
    2. Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance (Lead Negotiator);
    3. Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Administration
  2. Purpose
    1. Conduct necessary reviews to provide advice and recommendations to the Board respecting negotiated changes to Collective Agreement(s);
    2. Conduct negotiations activities within prescribed parameters respecting the Collective Agreement(s) on behalf of the Board including the conclusion of related memoranda of agreement; and
    3. Assume responsibilities as delegated by the Board;
    4. Meetings shall be held at the request of the Committee Chair or Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance.


Legal Reference:

School Act 60 (2) I; School Act 12

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