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BCED Networks Committee

Adopted: October 10, 1995 
Amended: December 2, 1996, April 9, 2001, February 2005

Guidelines (Terms of Reference)

1.   Membership

In addition to trustee membership, the Committee shall include:

a.   Superintendent (or designate )

2.   Purpose

The Committee Shall:

a.   Consider issues and policies relating to the District's Communications Plan;

b.   Advise the Board with respect to the establishment and review communications practices/protocols;

c.   Liaison with School Advisory Councils through bi-monthly meetings with School Advisory Council representatives; Networks

d.   Serve as trustee representatives on the Policy Advisory Committee;

e.   Undertake activities as directed by the Board and as required to foster positive relations with students, parents, staff and the  general public.

f.   Assume other responsibilities as delegated by the Board.

3.   Meetings

The Committee shall meet at the request of the Committee Chairman, as required.  Agendas will be distributed to all trustees and senior administration.

4.   Agenda

The agenda for each meeting shall be determined by the committee  Chairperson and Superintendent notwithstanding that the committee may suggest items of business for committee consideration.

5.   Minutes and Agenda

Minutes of each meeting will be circulated to all trustees and senior administration


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 44, 45

Cross Reference:

BCE Board Committees

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