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BCEG Management Compensation Committee

Adopted: October 16. 1993
Amended: April 9, 2001 , June 17, 2013

Guidelines (Terms of Reference)

  1. Membership

    The Committee shall include:

    1. Appointed Trustees;
    2. Superintendent; and
    3. Associate of Business and Finance.
  2. Purpose
    1. Prepare recommendations to the Board respecting compensation for management staff and in consultation with the Board, the Superintendent's compensation;
    2. Consider and recommend to the Board respecting policy and regulatory requirements in the management compensation area; and
    3. Assume responsibilities as delegated by the Board.
  3. Meetings

    The Committee shall meet at the request of the Committee Chairman, but no less than twice a year.

  4. Agenda

    The Agenda for each meeting shall be determined by the Committee Chairman in consultation with the Superintendent, notwithstanding that the Committee members may suggest items of business for Committee consideration.

  5. Minutes

    Shall be prepared and kept in a confidential file maintained by the Superintendent.



Cross Reference:

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