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BCF Advisory Committees to the Board – School Councils

Adopted: April 28, 1997


The Board of Trustees recognizes the important contributions that parents can and wish to make to the education of District students and encourages and supports parents and schools in the establishment of school councils associated with District schools.


1.   Formation of School Councils

a.   Notice of Meeting

Notice of a meeting to consider formation of a school council shall be provided to all parents or guardians of students enrolled in a school and, to the extent possible, to the school’s community no less than two weeks in advance of the meeting. The school’s administration shall assist the process personally and through the use of school equipment and material such as may be provided.

b.   Chairmanship

The principal, or some other person the principal may designate, shall chair the meeting called to determine whether or not to form a school council and the membership shall elect from its number a person to chair such meetings as may follow in accordance with whatever rules they may determine, except that District staff may not serve in that capacity.

c.   Membership

The parents or guardians of students enrolled in the school are members of the school council without restriction and members of the community and the staff of the school may choose to join the council of their own volition.

d.   Determination

If the majority of parents present at the first meeting vote to do so, a school council shall be formed.

e.   Constitution - Bylaws - Proceedings

School councils shall govern their affairs independently of the Board and shall determine as a matter of right their own constitutions and bylaws and rules of procedure. District administration may, and are encouraged to support school councils, through attendance at council meetings and through the provision of such information and advice as may assist councils to achieve their objectives.

f.   Meetings

A school council shall hold such number of meetings as it may determine necessary to the conduct of its business, but no less than one meeting per year.

g.   Names of School Councils

School councils shall determine their names as they wish.

h.   Election of Officers

The officers of school councils shall be such as may be specified in the council’s constitution and shall be elected annually.

2.   Dissolution of School Councils

A school council shall be dissolved when a majority of its members approve a resolution to do so; or when, at the end of a school year, no meeting has been held in the preceding twelve months.

3.   Suspension of School Councils

The principal shall inform the Board if a quorum is not available for a meeting of a council and the meeting has been re-scheduled on two or more occasions. In this event, the Board may suspend the operation of the council until the following year. In the event that a school council is dissolved, the principal may establish an advisory committee to carry out the duties of the council until a new council is established.


1.   Objectives

While it is recognized that school councils may establish their goals and objectives independent of the Board, the objectives of this policy shall be, generally, to:

a.   enhance communication between the school and its community;

b.   provide a means by which the home, the school, and the community can work together for the benefit of District students;

c.   provide a forum for discussion of District school’s philosophies, plans, and   operations notwithstanding that the principal continues to hold authority and responsibility for management of the school in accordance with established Board Policy.

i.   Development of School Councils

In order to facilitate the development of school councils for each District school;

A.   principals will, each September or as otherwise required or directed conduct a survey of parents to determine the extent of interest in the creation of a school council and to encourage parents to become involved;

2.   principals shall advise the Superintendent when school councils for their schools have been formed;

3.   School Council Meetings, Minutes and Reports

Minutes of the proceedings at each meeting will be recorded and maintained. One copy shall be retained in the principal's office and a copy filed with the Superin­tendent.

4.   Finances

The financial records of the School Council shall be open to audit by the Associate of Business and Finance. Funds shall not be raised through loans from banks, financial institutions or other security requirements. The School Council Chair shall prepare and provide to the Board annually a report of its financial statement relating to money handled.

5.   School Council Reporting Requirements

The Board requires the School Council to submit to the Board by July 31 of each year, for the preceding school year, copies of:

  • financial statements of any money handled by the school council;

  • a report outlining the activities of the school council; and

  • minutes of each meeting

6.   Conflict Resolution Procedure

The School Council, or principal, or parents of a local school may appeal to the Board of Trustees any dispute with respect to policies proposed or adopted for a school. The appellant shall forward any request for an appeal hearing before the Board of Trustees, along with written rationale and background concerning the policy dispute, to the Superintendent of Schools, who will arrange for such a hearing within thirty days of the receipt of the request. The decision of the Board of Trustees is final and response of the Board shall be provided within seven (7) days.

7.   General

The Board encourages school councils to contribute, through the principal, to the jurisdiction newsletters and annual report by submitting articles outlining:

  • significant accomplishments at the school;

  • major events or projects at the school; and

  • results of studies undertaken.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 17, 45
Alberta Education Regulation 124/95

Cross Reference:

BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings,
JL Resolution of Public Concerns

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