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BDC In–Camera Board Meetings

Adopted:September 11, 1995
Amended November 28, 2011


The Board believes its affairs should be conducted in public to the greatest extent possible. The Board will conduct its meetings as informally as possible to allow for full and open discussion of all issues. If questions of procedure arise, the School Act shall prevail. Where the School Act, other legislation, regulations and/or Board policy are silent, the Board will rely on Robert's Rules of Order.

The Board believes the public interest will be best served by private discussion of specific issues in “in–camera” sessions.


  1. An approved resolution for the Board to go “in–camera” shall result in the exclusion of all persons except:
    1. Members of the Board;
    2. Superintendent;
    3. Associate Superintendents, Recording Secretary and
    4. Other individuals specified in the resolution.
  2. While meeting “in–camera” the Board may request certain persons to appear for the purpose of providing information to the Board on the topic(s) under discussion.
  3. The Board will normally revert to an “in–camera” session when dealing with matters pertaining to:
    1. Individual students;
    2. Individual employees;
    3. Collective bargaining;
    4. Acquisition/disposal of real property; and
    5. Litigation involving the Board.
  4. Discussions during an “in–camera” session are to be considered confidential.


Cross References

GBCC Conflict of Interest

GDO Ethics and Business Conduct

Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 68, 70

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