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BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

Adopted: September 13, 1978
Amended: March 10, 1997
Reaffirmed: February 13, 2012


Since one of the main functions of the Board is to help the school and the community relate to each other, the Board is interested in:

  1. Monitoring the community's needs, hopes and desires; and
  2. Explaining the schools' programs and Board policy to the community.

The Board welcomes presentations on school matters by individuals or groups and may enter into a dialogue with the delegation concerning their expressed opinions, requests or demands in order to clarify the issues and/or explain policy. The Board is not obligated to act in connection with the matter or matters presented. If any business relating to the petition is to be dealt with, the Board may choose to delay such deliberations to a subsequent meeting of the Board.


  1. Delegations wishing to formally appear before the Board shall first discuss the request with the Superintendent;
  2. If a satisfactory solution to the matter is not reached and an appearance before the Board is still desired, the delegation shall give the Superintendent at least four (4) calendar days' written notice before the day of the meeting at which they wish to appear;
  3. The notice shall be accompanied by a summary or explanation of the problem or concern;
  4. The notice and summary shall be included in the Agenda for the meeting;
  5. The delegation shall appoint not more than two (2) persons to speak on their behalf at the meeting and to respond to questions from the Board, and
  6. Normally, the Board will make a decision at a subsequent meeting after administration has had an opportunity to research the implications thoroughly; and
  7. The Board may waive the above procedures.
  8. The Board shall provide an opportunity for those present at any regular public meeting of the Board of Trustees to ask questions of the Board Members in a session called Question Period. Procedures regarding Question Period are available from the office of the Superintendent of Schools


Legal Reference: Alberta School Act: Sections, 68, 70
Cross Reference: JL Resolution of Public Concerns
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