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BFG Policy Review and Evaluation

Adopted: March 9, 1998

Amended: January 26, 2010


The Board of Education believes that governance by policy is most effective if policies and accompanying regulations are relevant, unambiguous, current and easily accessible. In keeping with this belief the Board expects the Superintendent to implement a regularly schedule policy review and evaluation process with the following characteristics:

  • Each policy will be subject to reaffirmation by the Board at least every five years
  • Review and evaluation of policy statements may be conducted through the policy advisory committee
  • Regulations review and evaluation shall be the responsibility of the Superin­tendent and affected senior administrators
  • The ease of access to relevant policies and regulations will be evaluated by the superintendent/designee through input from representative samples of user groups


Legal Reference: Alberta School Act: Sections, 60, 61
Cross References: BFA Board Policy Development
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
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