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BK Evaluation of School Board Operations

Adopted: September 11, 1995


The Board believes evaluation has a significant impact upon the quality of education.

Therefore, the Board will periodically review and evaluate the operation of its system of schools.


The school system evaluation team may consist of representation from:

1.   The school system;

2.   Alberta Education;

3.   Other school systems;

4.   Alberta School Boards' Association;

5.   Other education groups i.e., university personnel; and

6.   Community.

At the direction of the Board, the evaluation team may evaluate the following:

1.   The Board

a.   Philosophy;

b.   Mission;

c.   Goals;

d.   Policy Handbook; and

e.   Duties, meetings and functions.

2.   District Office

a.   Administrative organization and delineation of responsibilities and duties;

b.   Decision-making processes; and

c.   Accessibility.

3.   Business Management

a.   Preparation of budget;

b.   Fiscal control; and

c.   Overall financial management (past financial statement).

4.   Personnel

a.   Quantity and quality of staff;

b.   Nature of staff and staff organization involvement;

c.   Nature and scope of educational community support services; and

d.   Role of the community in the education process.

5.   Program

a.   Nature, scope, and status of present program;

b.   Reporting and control of educational standards in the schools; and

c.   Consistency with programs of study or Board approved program.

6.   Physical Plant and Equipment

a.   Evaluation of buildings, facilities, equipment, and supplies;

b.   Inspection procedures;

c.   Maintenance, grounds, and custodial services;

d.   Preventative maintenance; and

e.   Evidence that the Board takes pride in its physical facilities.

7.   Climate

a.   Rating of school system by the public.

b.   Relations with media;

c.   Staff turnover and illness rate;

d.   Relationship with professional and other unions;

e.   Handling of complaints; and

f.   Evidence that staff take pride in their work and the school system.

The evaluation team will ensure that stakeholders, where appropriate, involved in the evaluation process through surveys or interviews. Stakeholders are:

1.   Teachers;

2.   Parents;

3.   Students;

4.   Administrators;

5.   Board members; and

6.   Others.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 15, 26
Alberta Education Policy Manual 

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