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CB Superintendent

Adopted:January 30, 1978


Many people participate in the educational enterprise of the District. The Board prefers a cooperative working relationship among its employees. Their involvement, therefore, needs to be given direction and coordination.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the necessary administrative functions are satisfactorily performed in order that the goals can be achieved. The Board, in adopting a unitary control structure delegates responsibility for the operation of the school system to the Superintendent. He/she is therefore designated the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and the Chief Education Officer of the District.

The Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board. He/she will advise, assist and work with the Board and provide it with the necessary information for sound decision-making. The Superintendent is responsible for the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of students and, as far as reasonably possible, the community. The Superintendent can delegate authority and varying degrees of responsibility to other personnel within the system, but cannot delegate final accountability for the tasks they perform.


The Board shall:

1.   Assist the Superintendent with counsel and advice, providing the benefit of its judgment, business experience and familiarity with the local school system and the community. The Board will consult with the Superintendent on all matters on which it considers taking action;

2.   Delegate to the Superintendent responsibility for all executive functions. The Board will refrain from handling administrative details directly;

3.   Arrange that all employees of the school system be responsible to the Superintendent by refraining from any direct dealings with any of them and by requiring and receiving all reports from them through the Superintendent;

4.   Refer all applications, complaints or other communications to the Superintendent except appeals from decisions of the Superintendent;

5.   Provide adequate safeguards for the Superintendent and other personnel so that they may perform their duties on a professional basis. This involves, particularly, supporting the Superintendent in his efforts to protect the personnel in the schools from individuals and organizations seeking to exploit schools for self–serving reasons;

6.   Support the Superintendent loyally and actively in all decisions and actions conforming to professional practices and policies of the Board and to accept full responsibility for administrative acts authorized by or resulting from the policies of the Board; and

7.   Hold the Superintendent responsible for the administration of schools; require him/her to keep the Board fully informed at all times; review and appraise the results of his work and inform him/her when any methods or procedures do not meet with approval of the Board.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 94

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