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CBG Superintendent – Evaluation

Adopted: March 9, 1998


The Board of Education delegates overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the Fort McMurray Public Schools to the Superintendent of Schools, as the Chief Executive Officer. In order to ensure that the Superintendent is discharging these responsi­bilities in a manner consistent with Board expectations the Board will formally evaluate the incumbent’s performance on a regular basis according to the following guidelines:

  • The evaluation shall be based on any or all of the aspects of the job expectations described in policy CBA, Superintendent - Role and Responsibilities.
  • Formal evaluation shall occur at regular intervals of one year or less as determined by the Board after consultation with the Superintendent
  • Evidence of performance quality may be obtained through:
    • surveys/interviews of trustees, clients or staff;
    • examination of the quality of goal setting, the success of goal completion, and the effectiveness of goal outcomes
    • examination of records reflecting successful completion of responsibilities assigned through Provincial legislation, Board policy, or directive
    • other suitable means of data collection authorized by the Board.


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