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DN School Properties Disposal Procedure

Adopted: February 20, 1989
Amended: October 11, 2005, Sept 17, 2012


The Board authorizes the Director of Operations & Maintenance under the authority of the Associate Superintendent Business & Finance to dispose of equipment, furniture, materials and scrap.


For the disposal of items having a value of less than $1,000.00, the Director of Operations & Maintenance may:

  1. Hold a sale, which may be advertised in the local paper(s)
  2. Invite sealed bids for specific items;
  3. Arrange disposal by public auction with or without a reserve bid; or
  4. Negotiate a trade-in on new purchases.

Any other method of disposal will require the prior approval of the Associate Superintendent, Business & Finance.

The Director of Operations & Maintenance shall be provided with complete details concerning items to be disposed of, the reasons, and the estimated value.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 200

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