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EEAE Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

Adopted: January 21, 1992

Amended: March 10, 2009


The Board acknowledges that persons employed by or acting on behalf of the Board are sometimes called upon to use a motor vehicle within the scope of their employment to transport students.

The Board prohibits the use of privately owned vehicles to transport students with the exception of vehicles designated at each school, by the principal, for the transportation of students in emergency circumstances.  The Board will reimburse owners of these vehicles annually for the additional costs of increasing their third-party liability coverage to $2,000,000.00.  Owners shall assume responsibility for appropriate notification concerning the use of their vehicles.

The Board shall assume the liability (without subrogation rights) imposed by law upon each and every one of its employees or persons authorized for bodily injury or death to students of the Board while such students are being transported by the employee or such persons who is acting within his or her scope of employment or duties with the Board and where such bodily injury or death to a student arises directly from the use or operation by the person of any automobile not owned in whole or in part by or licensed in the name of the Board.


Provided that the Board's assumption of liability as set out above in all circumstances is applicable only where:

  1. Employee or such authorized person does not have insurance for the above said liability; or
  2. The said liability set out above is not covered by insurance which the employee or authorized person has in force; or
  3. There is a judgment in excess of the amount covered by the employee's or such authorized persons insurance with respect to the said liability set out above, in which case the Board shall only be responsible up to a maximum of the amount of such excess, such amount of such excess in no circumstances to exceed $2,000,000.00 for damages for any one occurrence or accident, or series of occurrences or accidents resulting from one cause.
  4. All drivers must provide a current driver’s abstract.  In reviewing the driver’s abstract the principal will take into account the nature and pattern of any infractions and in any case shall not approve any driver with 3 or more demerits.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections 45(8)

Cross Reference: EE Transportation Services Management
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