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FA Facilities Development Goals

Adopted: December 4, 2001

Amended: April 11, 2011


The Board intends:

  1. To provide facilities that reflect the requirements of school programs subject to the constraints of:
    1. The Board's longer-term financial position; and
    2. Student population and location.
  2. To provide facilities that are aesthetically attractive.
  3. To maintain or upgrade existing facilities to established program and/or safety standards.
  4. To ensure that custodial standards are developed and applied.
  5. To ensure that its facilities are available to the public on a reasonable basis.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections 60, 61

Cross Reference:

FE Facilities Construction, EB Safety Program, EBA Safety Personnel, IHF Student Safety, FEB Selection of Architect, JG Community Use of School Facilities

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