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FE Facilities Construction

Adopted: April 19, 2000

Reaffirmed June 22, 2010

  1. General
    1. Capital projects are new construction and modernization projects identified in the district’s capital submission and approved by Alberta Education.
  2. Capital Projects
    1. The board will confirm by board resolution the capital budget and the funding sources for all capital projects.
    2. Change orders for funding that is additional to the board approved budget; or change orders that significantly alter the scope of work on the project (change order cost exceeds 10% of the approved project budget), will be presented to board for approval.
  3. Selection Of Architect
    1. Architectural firms shall be selected for capital projects in accordance with Policy FEB Selection of Architect.
    2. The Board shall be informed of the commissioned architect for each capital project.
  4. Concept Design Of Capital Projects
    1. The board shall be provided the concept design for each capital project.
  5. Construction Contracts, Bidding And Awards
    1. The board may carry out any portion or all of a project using district forces or construction management, subject to ministerial approval.
    2. A construction contract shall be awarded to the qualified contractor who submits the lowest acceptable tender, subject to budgetary and ministerial approval.



Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act Part 7 Division 2

Cross Reference:

DJ Purchasing
FEB Selection of Architect

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