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GA Personnel Policies Goals

Adopted: December 4, 2001
Amended: November 28, 2011


The Board intends to:

  1. Ensure that competence is the governing factor in the acquisition and retention of staff through:
    1. The development of a comprehensive recruitment program;
    2. The application of a vigorous program of staff supervision and evaluation; and
    3. The provision of a staff development program that aims at improving competence.
  2. Ensure that an effective working relationship between the Board, its staff (and their official representatives), and Alberta Education prevails.
  3. Ensure that rewards to employees reflect the Board's commitment to excellence and competence through:
    1. The conclusion of locally resolved collective agreements;
    2. The development of appropriate personnel policies; and
    3. The application of the principles of fairness and justice in the administration of those policies and agreements.


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