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GBEE Modified Work Program

Adopted: September 14, 2004


It is the policy of Fort McMurray Public School District to provide temporary work assignments (limited duty, full or part-time) for employees who are unable to perform their regular duties because of illness or injury.


The purpose of this policy is to provide employees the opportunity to remain in the workforce by utilizing the rehabilitative effects of gradual re-entry to full capacity employment and to reduce the cost of our Workers' Compensation Program and Long Term Disability Program.


A modified work assignment is any work for which the employee is qualified and which is compatible with the employee's physical restrictions or limitations resulting from illness or injury.

  • Medical studies have shown that an early return-to-work program is therapeutic, helps speed the recovery process and prevents the employee from becoming dependent of the disability system.  In addition, the employee stays "in touch" with the work environment and fellow employees, which helps to facilitate a smooth transition back to her/his regular job.

Such work assignments shall be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the needs of Fort McMurray Public School District 2833, and shall be consistent with the employee's physical or other restrictions or limitations as indicated by appropriate medical authority.

Modified Work

Modified work shall be restricted to the type of work that is not expected to result in a re-injury and that can be performed within the medical limitation(s) set forth by the attending medical practitioner.

  • In the event the employee, in his/her judgment is physically unable to perform the modified work assignment, then the supervisor or principal will modify work within their physical capabilities as per revised medical practitioner's recommendation.
  • The Fort McMurray Public School District 2833, within the limitation set for the attending medical practitioner, shall establish the modified workday and workweek.  The workweek will not exceed forty hours.
  • All employees, regardless of injury or illness, will be considered for placement in modified work.
  • Employees eligible for the Modified Duty Program shall be subject to all of the provisions of Workers' Compensation Regulations and the District's Long Term Disability Plan.
  • A Fitness for Duty must be completed by the attending medical practitioner and returned to the employee's manager or Human Resources before modified work may begin and clearly state the limitation (s), push/pull, lift, use hands, etc., under which the employee may perform modified work.
  • Upon learning of an employee's Light Work status and limitations, the employee's supervisors/principals shall immediately review opportunities to restructure a job or collaborate with other managers to find a job to match the employee's physical restrictions and limitations to a Modified Duty assignment.
  • Once an appropriate Modified Duty Assignment is identified, the supervisors/ principals shall consult with Human Resources to confirm the job's suitability for the employee.
  • After the job is determined to be suitable, the Human Resources and the employee's manager shall meet with the employee to explain the Modified Work Program, review the job duties and other related matters, such as time and place to report for work, and answer any questions.
  • It shall be explained to the employee that their modified work assignment was selected to be compatible with their physical and other restrictions and limitations based on the recommendation of the physician.  The acceptance of such position, and the good faith effort of the employee to perform the work to the best of his/her ability, is required as a condition of employment.

The duration of assignments under the Modified Work Program shall be determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the physician's professional opinion.

Human Resources’ Responsibilities

  • Maintains liaison with, and assist as required, all parties responsible for managing and coordinating this policy. 
  • Assist with the coordination of the process of matching eligible employees with modified work assignments.
  • Human Resources will notify, as it becomes aware, the workers' compensation claims examiner(s) or rehabilitation specialist if the employee.
  • Returns to work in a modified job program;
  • Returns to regular work;
  • Refuses a medical practitioner endorsed modified job;
  • Fails to report to work on the start date; or
  • Fails to show for a medical practitioner's appointment

Supervisors/Principals’ Responsibilities

Identifies opportunities within their departments for modified work assignments and draft appropriate, brief job descriptions, in collaboration with Human Resources.  Shall actively support and aggressively participate in this program.

Employee’s Responsibilities

It is the employee's responsibility to inform the medical practitioner, that Fort McMurray Public School District offers a modified work program and to insure the medical practitioner complete the performance limits agreement or to obtain a note from the medical practitioner that modified work is not beneficial.

It shall be a condition of employment that, upon notification of a modified duty assignment within their documented limitations and restrictions, employees must make a good faith effort to perform the work to the best of their ability.

If the employee's condition changes, it is their responsibility to see a medical practitioner and therefore contact the employer with an update of any changes that may occur in disability status.

Employees placed on modified work will be expected to provide feedback in order to improve the program.


The hourly rate of pay for an employee on a modified work assignment will be determine as per the collective agreements.

Modified Work Program Form

See seperate Modified Work Program Form

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