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GBPA School Based Decision Making – General

Adopted: February 9, 1998

Amended: December 16, 2015


The Board of Education supports the belief that appropriate delegation of decision making to the school level will enable the principal, in collaboration with school staff and the school community, to make high quality decisions responsive to the local educational needs of students. Therefore the Board assigns the following responsibilities through the superin­tendent to the school principal:

  • The duties assigned in section  20 of the School Act
  • Provide instructional leadership in the school;
  • Ensure that the instruction provided by the teachers employed in the school is consistent with the courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to this Act: RSA 2000 Section 21 Chapter S-3 SCHOOL ACT 27;
  • Evaluate or provide for the evaluation of programs offered in the school;
  • Ensure that students in the school have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by the Minister;
  • Direct the management of the school;
  • Maintain order and discipline in the school and on the school grounds and during activities sponsored or approved by the board;
  • Promote cooperation between the school and the community that it serves;
  • Supervise the evaluation and advance of students;
  • Evaluate the teachers employed in the school
  • Subject to any applicable collective agreement and the principal’s contract of employment, carry out those duties that are assigned to the principal by the board in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the school council and the board.
  • Develop or oversee expenditures and stewardship of an annual school budget funded from resources assigned by the Board.
  • Develop an annual school improvement plan that focuses on student achievement, high quality teaching and learning and is aligned with goals, objectives and outcomes set by Alberta Education and the Board.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees or Superintendent


Annually the Board shall approve a set of educational and management guidelines and a budget allocation model applicable to all schools. The guidelines and the allocation model will form the basis for school based decision making during the school term and will address:

  • a focus on student achievement, teaching and learning
  • staff, parent, and community participation
  • school goals, objectives, and expected outcomes
  • the scope and latitude of decision making responsibilities assigned to schools
  • fair distribution of resources among schools and programs
  • roles, responsibilities and distribution of authority within the organization
  • evaluation of the outcomes and the efficacy of school based decision making
  • information sharing with stakeholders
  • in-service and professional development opportunities for staff


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 20, 21

School Councils Regulation

Cross Reference:

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