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GCBD Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

Adopted: May 16, 1988
Amended: February 14, 2000, December 12, 2006


The Board of Trustees of Fort McMurray Public School District recognizes that some staff may find it desirable to take a leave of absence. Such leaves will not only serve to meet the need of individual teachers, but will also serve to promote a spirit of good will and favourable staff morale. All leaves of absences will be subject to the guidelines and regulations of this policy


1.   All leaves of absences require approval of the Superintendent of Schools and must comply with the contract of employment, Employment Standards and the Leave of Absence Contract as appended to this policy.

2.   Leaves of absences for the purpose of seeking professional improvement, exploring alternative career opportunities, or extending maternity leave will receive highest priority.

3.   Unless otherwise provided for in the contract of employment, all leaves of absences will be without remuneration or benefits. The employee may choose to purchase benefits through the employer.

4.   Staff will only be guaranteed employment upon their return to work and will not be guaranteed a specific position.

5.   All leaves of absences will he reviewed on an annual basis and will not be not normally be granted for more than one year

6.   In any given school year the superintendent may limit leave to 4% of the teaching staff.

GCBD Leave Of Absence Agreement


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 92

Cross Reference:

ATA Collective Agreement; (Policies GCBDA & GCBD were merged into one)

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