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GCBDA Annual Leaves of Absence

Adopted: December 17, 1979

Reaffirmed: February 13, 2012


The Board recognizes that under certain circumstances a teacher may request a Leave of Absence from the Board for a period of one year. Leaves of absence of not more than one year may be granted by the Board provided that the request is made, in writing, prior to March first and the individual agrees to make a teaching commitment prior to March first of the year in which the leave is in effect. In any school year no more than four percent (4%) of the teaching staff will be considered for leave of absence. Generally, teachers cannot be guaranteed a specific teaching assignment or a previously held position.


The Board may consider a special request from an employee for a Leave of Absence to accept employment elsewhere.

The following conditions shall apply to specific Leaves of Absence:

  1. Educational Leaves - to attend a recognized University. The teacher must submit proof of enrolment and final marks to the Board for information.
  2. Maternity Leave - maternity leave is regulated under the Alberta Labor Act, Board of Industrial Relations Order No. 71 (1976). A yearly leave may be granted where it coincides with Administrative recommendation.
  3. Medical Leaves - doctor affirmations to be submitted quarterly.
  4. Leaves for other than 1-3 above may be considered on an individual basis, realizing that the above take priority.


Legal Reference: Alberta School Act: Section 60 3(d)


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