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GCGA Term Appointment for School Administrators

Adopted: May 8, 1978

Amended: March 18, 2015


Principals and vice-principals will be appointed on the following basis:

  1. The initial appointment of a principal or vice-principal to a given school will be for a one year term, but the administrator may be transferred to another site as per the contract with the Board of Trustees.
  2. New school administrators will be offered a term-certain contract as recommended by the Superintendent to the Board of Trustees.
  3. Prior to May 1 of his/her probationary year, the administrator will be notified whether or not the designation will continue to the length of the term-certain contract.
  4. Prior to May 1 of the administrator’s last year of the term-certain contract, the administrator will be notified whether or not another term-certain contract will be offered.
  5. Administrators already appointed with contracts other than a term-certain retain their original contracts.


  1. The criteria for the selection of principals will, to some degree depend upon the job description for each school. They may, therefore, vary slightly from one school to another.
  2. The following criteria or factors frequently used in principal selection will normally be given attention by the Selection Advisory Committee. The factors listed are not necessarily in order of priority.
    1. Training including breadth of both general and specialized knowledge;
    2. Experience;
    3. Human relations skills;
    4. Command of language and ability to articulate thoughts;
    5. Dependability and drive;
    6. Likely administrative behaviour or creativity;
    7. Interests; and
    8. Physical fitness or health.


  1. Every effort shall be made to obtain “the right principal for the right school” or, in other words, the person who can best meet the criteria adopted by the Board. Vacancies shall, therefore, be advertised both inside and outside the school system.
  2. Other things being equal, preference shall always be given to applicants on the Fort McMurray public school staff.
  3. A Selection Advisory Committee shall be appointed and chaired by the Superintendent for each principalship vacancy. This committee shall be responsible for screening and evaluating the candidates in terms of the criteria adopted for the vacancy. The committee shall be composed of central office personnel. Other personnel who possess the experience, preparation, and insights necessary to discharge such responsibilities in an effective manner may also be included, at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  4. After giving full consideration to the findings of the Selection Advisory Committee, the Superintendent shall submit to the Board the name of the person recommended for appointment. The Board has the right to accept or reject this recommendation. If rejected, the Superintendent shall be asked to submit other recommendations for consideration.




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