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HC School Year – Organization of School Year

Adopted: February 6, 1995

Amended: March 23, 2010


The Board expects the Superintendent to prepare an annual calendar of school operational and instructional days and present it to the Board for approval no later than March 31.


  • Operational Day means a day on which teachers are required to be at work.
  • Instructional Day means a day on which students are present in school and attendance is recorded.


Operational days shall include:

    1. Teachers’ Convention – three days inclusive of one day for travel;
    2. Teachers’ Institute – one day

Operational days may include:

    1. Preparation – two(or more) days prior to the first day of school;
      One day (or more) at the end of the school year;
    2. In-service day – at least one day at district level;
    3. Parent-Teacher Interviews – at least one day.
  • An attempt will be made to incorporate an extended Christmas Period (2 weeks) to begin no later than December 23.
  • Spring Break will include up to five school days and will generally commence the last Monday in March or the Monday preceding Good Friday.
  • Schools will not operate on statutory holidays or on Good Friday (if it falls outside Spring Break
  • In preparing the calendar, the Superintendent shall consult with locally elected officials of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Union of Public Employees No. 2545, the Administration of Fort McMurray Separate School District No. 32, Fort McMurray Public School Administrators
  • Principals shall be responsible for preparing individual school operational calendars which shall be submitted with the School Education Plan to the Superintendent for approval. Every attempt will be made to coordinate Parent-Teacher Interview days and In-service dates among schools.


Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act: Sections, 56

Cross Reference:

BCE Board Committees

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