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HGBF Second Language Instruction

Adopted: April 20, 1987
Amended: December 12, 1988, , June 11, 2008 ** see noted change


The Board of Trustees believes that students should be provided opportunities to receive instruction in a second language as these opportunities enhance student learning generally.


Based on the type of second language program in which the student is enrolled, proficiency skills in the second language will develop in varying degrees. Courses may be designed around a basic, bilingual or immersion model. Model descriptions follow.

Basic Second Language Courses

These courses are designed to be taught as a subject to develop communication skills and an understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the speakers of the language*. In Fort McMurray Public Schools, Basic Second Language programming will be compulsory in grades 4 – 6 and will be delivered through a minimum of 120 minutes of instruction per week. This course will be offered as a “complimentary course” to students in grades 7 to 12.

Provincial Programs of Study for Chinese, Cree, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Ukrainian are currently available. Based on factors such as student needs and availability of qualified teaching staff, schools may choose to offer one or more of these second languages at the High School level.

Bilingual and Alternative Programs

These programs use the target language as the language of instruction – bilingual programs for up to 50% of the day and Immersion programs – greater than 50% of the instructional day. For example, in a French Immersion program, French is the language of instruction for Social Studies, Math, Science, French Language Arts, Physical Education, Health, Art and other complementary courses. Language proficiency of learners in these programs becomes quite fluent over time. Student reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities are developed so that the student is able to function in a learning environment using the target language as the language of communication. French Immersion will be available in Grades K to 8 each year and offered in Grades 9 to 12 when numbers warrant it.


*Taken from the School Administrator’s Guide to Implementing Language Programming (2007) Alberta Education


** Noted Change - Name change from Bilingual Instruction to Second Language Instruction effective June 11, 2008.



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