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HGBG Home Education

Adopted: January 3, 1995                        

Amended: May 9, 2006


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to approve a home education program for individual resident students.


1.   A student may be placed on a home education program provided there is written notification of intent by parents/guardians and completion of an approved Home Education Program Plan.

2.   If notification and program requirements are met, the Superintendent shall provide for program supervision and assessment of student achievement.

3.   Parents/Guardians shall be informed of the student's progress as determined through the assessment procedures.

4.   The Superintendent may terminate the home education program and direct the student to a District school if the program does not continue to meet Board and Provincial expectations and requirements and the student is not making satisfactory progress.

5.   If a home education student moves to another jurisdiction, the Board shall cease to be responsible for the home education program and monitoring of the student's achievement unless specifically authorized by the Superintendent.

6.   A student in a home education program following a course of studies prescribed or approved by the Minister shall be eligible to receive high school credits if the requirements of the Minister are met.

7.   An approved home education program will be under the general supervision of a school principal. The principal will be assisted by the central office.

8.   Home Education Program Plan

a.  The Home Education Program Plan shall include the information requested on the approved HGBG Exhibit 2 - District Home Education Program Plan Form.

b.  The Home Education Program Plan shall be directed to and reviewed by the Superintendent for approval or rejection of the application.

9.   Supervision

a. The student is to be assigned to a District school. The assigned school need not be the neighborhood school.

b.   The principal will be responsible for the monitoring and review of the home schooling program of the assigned student(s).

c.   A minimum of two visits to the home by the principal or designated teacher are required where access is reasonable.

d.   Any recommended adjustments/modifications to the proposed program are to be reviewed with the Superintendent and require documented approval.

e.   The principal will encourage students on approved home education programs to participate in local school programs (e.g. field trips) and to provide them with access to school facilities (e.g. library, computer) provided that the student can be appropriately supervised, and to provide instructional materials (where necessary and available) in return for a rental fee.

f.   Registration and course fees for those students who are accessing Alberta correspondence School, or other accepted programs with costs up to the equivalent costs of those of the Distance Learning Centre programs, shall be assumed by the assigned school at which the student is registered.

The principal shall:

i.   Provide for and maintain records of the assessment of the student's achievement;

ii.  Notify the parent/guardian if there are any deficiencies in the program including the eligibility to write grade 12 diploma examinations or the granting of credits.

10.  Student Achievement

a.   The school principal shall arrange to:

i.   Assess or provide for the assessment of the student's achievement on a regular basis and communicate those results forthwith to the parent/guardian;

ii.   Inform the parent/guardian if, in the opinion of the school District, reasonable achievement for that student is not being shown;

iii.  Make recommendations to the parent/guardian to assist the student in increasing his/her level of achievement.

b.   Students enrolled in an approved home education program shall take the provincially administered achievement tests (grades 3, 6, 9) unless exempted by the Superintendent.

c.   Home education parents/guardians and students shall be notified by the principal of the designated District home school to initiate arrangements for the writing of provincial achievement tests (grade 3, 6, 9) and diploma examinations (grade 12).

d.   Accommodation and supervision for the writing of Distance Learning Centre examinations and/or diploma examinations at the secondary level shall be the responsibility of the principal of the designated school.

11.  High School Credits

A student in a home education program following a course of studies prescribed by the Minister is eligible to receive high school credits if the requirements of the Minister are met.

12.  Program Termination

The Superintendent upon the recommendation of the principal may, in writing, terminate the program and direct the student to a school operated by the District if:

a.   The student fails to achieve at an acceptable rate, or

b.   The home education program does not continue to meet the requirement of being prescribed or approved by the Minister under section 25 (1) (a) or (b) of the School Act, or

c.   The home education program does not comply with any orders made under section 25 (1) (d) of the School Act.

13.  Right of Appeal

a.   If the decision of the Superintendent is to confirm that the home education program is not approved or is terminated, he shall inform the parent/guardian of their right of appeal to the Board.

14.  Re-admission

a.   When home educated students wish to be re-admitted to a District school or when the home education program has been terminated and the student directed to a District school, the principal of the receiving school and the Superintendent shall be responsible for determining the appropriate placement of the student for grade and subject level purposes.

b.   The Central Office shall maintain a file of all decisions and information regarding a student with respect to a home education program.

15.  Annual Program Renewal

a.   Renewal of home education programs shall be the responsibility of the home education parent/guardian and occur through the annual completion of an updated HGBG Exhibit 2 - Home Education Program Plan prior to the commencement of the next school term.

16.  Administration

a.   The Superintendent will maintain a "master register" of home education students and schools to which they have been assigned.

b.   Principals will complete Age/Grade/Sex forms for assigned students, include the students in enrolment counts and month-end reporting, plus any related "report forms".

c.   The school to which home education students are assigned shall be eligible for an annual school-based management grant for each student so enrolled.

d.   Any rental fees to be charged will be determined in cooperation with the Associate Superintendent, Business & Finance's office.




Legal Reference:

Alberta School Act : Sections, 79, 124 1 (c)
Family Law Act: Section 20 & 21
Home Education Program Regulations

Cross Reference:


IFA Student Appeals                          

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