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HGBG Home Education Program Plan: Review Criteria - Exhibit 3

1.   Persons to Receive the Home Schooling Program




Consideration(s) re: extenuating circumstances.

Previous achievement information.

2.   Persons Responsible for the Home Schooling Program

Qualification(s) of prime teacher.

Qualification(s) of secondary teacher/resource persons.

Financial capability to sustain undertakings.

3. Scope and Location of the Home Schooling Program

Grade(s) to be studied.

Hours of Instruction per subject.

Balance of time spent with teacher/adults/peers/self.

Variety of Learning Environments:

% of Time



Community Locations

Guide/Time Allocation


Junior High

Senior High

(125 hrs/5 credits)

4. Outline of the Program of Studies

Degree/appropriateness of coverage of Alberta curriculum for grade level:

Is this a program prescribed or approved by the Minister?



If Yes which One?

If No, does it meet the goals or standards applicable to education in Alberta?



Quality/completeness of program outlines:

Match of the proposed program to the "Goals of Schooling" as outlined in the High School Handbook.

5.   Instructional Materials to be Used

Availability of approved texts:

Availability of supplementary materials.

Availability of remedial/enrichment resources.

6.  Evaluation of Student Achievement

Appropriateness of evaluation program:

Scope of evaluation program:

Frequency of measures:

Willingness to sit for system/Alberta Education exams:

7.   Uniqueness of the Home Schooling Program

8.   Recommended Conditions of Approval

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