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HGBJ Kindergarten

Adopted: March 22, 1989
Adopted: December 4, 2001


The Board believes that early childhood is a significant period in human development.

The Board is committed to providing Kindergarten programs which are developmentally appropriate, meet the diverse needs of children and promote a positive attitude to life long learning.


1.   Enrolment in Kindergarten programs is voluntary.

2.   Kindergarten programs will be offered in English and French Immersion.

3.   Kindergarten programs in both languages will be consistent with and planned, implemented, and evaluated on the basis of the principals and learner expectations as outlined in the Kindergarten program statement. 

4.   Each Kindergarten program will be under the direction of a certified teacher.

5.   Each Kindergarten program will operate for a minimum of 475 instructional hours.

6.   Transportation will be available for Kindergarten children in accordance with District policies.

7.   Special Education resource personnel will assist in meeting the developmental and special needs of children.

Student enrolment information will be maintained on file for:

a.   Severely disabled children enrolled in a Program Unit Grant;

b.   Mildly or moderately disabled children;

c.   Disadvantaged children; and

d.   Regular needs children, including those considered immature.

Each severely disabled child enrolled under a Program Unit Grant will be served through an individualized program plan.  Individualized program plans will be in place for each mildly or moderately disabled child.

8.   The goal of the Kindergarten Program is to provide a successful learning experience for each child.

a.   Recognizing parents as partners every effort must be made to communicate the child’s progress throughout the year.

b.   In partnership with parents decisions about placement in Grade 1 will be based on the child’s developmental level and the achievement of the Kindergarten Program Statement Learning Expectations.


1.   A child will be enrolled in a Kindergarten Program.

a.   Whose age on September 1 in the program in which he is attending is,

i.   4 years and six months for a regular program, or

ii.   5 years and 6 months for a developmentally immature child.


Legal Reference:

Alberta Learning Policy 1.1.3
School Act
Kindergarten Program Statement

Cross Reference:

HK Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting
HGBA Appeals

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