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HGDF Student Fund Raising Activities

Adopted: January 8, 1980

Reaffirmed: June 22, 2010, November 25, 2015


The Board approves of schools engaging in various fund raising activities to support activities or projects not included in the budget.
The Board expects that the safety of students be paramount and that the financial implications for parents and the community be considered.


  1. Acceptable forms of fund-raising include:
    1. Lotteries, raffles or gaming events approved by the Alberta Gaming Commission;
    2. Sale of usable products;
    3. provision of worthwhile services; or
    4. Improvement or enrichment for the participant.
  2. No employee shall be in a position to benefit financially from fund-raising.
  3. All fund raising activities shall be authorized in advance by the principal.
  4. A schedule of fund raising activities shall be prepared annually be each principal following consultation with staff. This schedule shall be submitted to the Superin­tendent by October 31.
  5. The Superintendent shall coordinate scheduling of fund raising activities as required having in mind community impact and perceptions.
  6. Principals shall ensure that receipt of funds and disbursements are subject to appropriate accounting standards. The accounts may be audited by the Associate of Business and Finance or designate periodically.


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