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HKA Course Challenge

Adopted: October 7, 1996
Amended: Deccember 4, 2002
Re-Affirmed: April 10, 2000


Students acquire proficiency under various circumstances and at different rates. Course challenge will enable students to demonstrate skills, knowledge and attitudes already mastered. The challenge process is based on the belief that students who mastered learning in a particular course should have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and receive recognition for it.


1.   Students will complete an application form for course challenge and submit to the school principal.

2.   A student's readiness for course challenge shall be determined through consultation that includes the school principal, student, parents and subject area teacher(s).

3.   Depending upon the course being challenged, one or more of the following assessment techniques may be used to determine student mastery.

a.   Interview

Conducted by a subject area specialist. The student will demonstrate mastery of significant learning in the course.

b.   Portfolio

Student will provide a portfolio demonstrating the full range of skills, knowledge and attitudes of' the course to be challenged.

c.   Examination

A written, oral or practical assessment to be taken at a scheduled time.

4.   Applications should be made to the school principal by November 1 or May 1 for semester programs. Challenge assessment during final examinations week. For ten month program students, application can be made at any time.

5.   With the exception of Diploma 30 courses, the challenge assessment is 100% of the students final mark. In diploma exam courses the course challenge will represent the school awarded mark.

6.   When the principal approves a request for course challenge the student shall be responsible for assessment preparation. The principal shall designate a teacher in that subject area to administer the Challenge Assessment.

7.   Students may attempt a specific course challenge only once. If the attempt is unsuccessful they will be required to take the course.

8.   A course challenge by students is available only at a higher level or pattern.


Legal Reference:

Alberta Education Policy Regulations Manual

Cross Reference:

HKA Exhibit 1 – Application Form: Student-Initiated Course Challenge Assessment

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