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IC School Attendance Areas

Adopted: April 6, 1993
Amended: June 9, 1997, December 9, 2003, January 26, 2010


The Board, in acknowledging the uniqueness of individual students, accepts that parental choice for student accommodation is an important factor as parents seek to find the school they believe best able to meet their children’s needs.  Accordingly, the Board directs the Superintendent to establish student attendance areas for each school and to create guidelines governing student accommodation that:

  1. Aim at the effective and efficient use of space in District schools;
  2. Recognize the right and responsibility of parents to make decisions respecting their children’s education, including selection of the public school(s) their children will attend.


  1. Designated School: 
    • The school for which the attendance area contains the student’s residence
    • the District Public School to which a student is directed or referred to attend because that school is best suited to provide the programs required for that student.
  2. Choice Student:
    • is a student who chooses to enroll in a school not in his/her attendance area he/ she has not been directed or referred to attend.


  1. The right of parents to select their children’s school may be restricted by the Superin­tendent due to program, building capacity, or other significant considerations.  For each school, the Superintendent may annually define each school to have:
    1. Enrollment limits - While students may currently enroll in the school without any restrictions, the potential that this right may be limited is foreseen
    2. Closed boundaries - Enrollment is limited to students meeting criteria identified from those accommodation priorities identified as follows:
      1. Students living within the school defined attendance area;
      2. Students directed to attend a District program located in the school;
      3. Brothers and sisters of students currently attending the school; and
      4. Other students as defined by the Superintendent of Schools.
  2. Parents who decide to educate their children at home have the right to select which Public School will serve as their children’s “designated school”.
  3. Parents of students currently enrolled in District schools must make their request to select another school for the next school year by May 31 of the current school year.  After that date, principals shall be required only to accept students who:
    1. Are living within the school defined attendance area; or
    2. Are new to the city between May 31 and September 1.
    3. Other students may be enrolled at the discretion of the principal.
  4. During the school year, parents may request to enroll children in any Public School that is not designated to have “closed boundaries”.
  5. When an official declaration of an enrollment limit for a school or program has been declared; students voluntarily selecting another District school may access transpor­tation services based on the Student Transportation System policy under guideline #1.
  6. Transportation to a school of choice shall be the responsibility of the parent.  Where possible, the students may be transported to the school of choice within the existing transportation system according to the “choice” category of the Student Transportation System policy under guideline #3.
  7. The Superintendent shall ensure that information pertaining to the Board’s policy and regulations respecting student accommodation are effectively communicated to staff, parents and other interested members of the public.


Legal Reference: Alberta School Act: Sections, 60(3)
Cross References: EEA Student Transportation Services
IFA Student Appeals
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