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JL Resolution of Public Concerns

Adopted:September 11, 1995

Amended: January 26, 2010


The Board believes that concerns of the public should be addressed and resolved as close to their origin as possible.

The channels of communication for parents, groups or School Councils to address concerns about the selection of learning materials or the interpretation of Board policy by employees shall be:

  1. Teacher;
  2. Principal;
  3. Superintendent; and
  4. Board.

Concerns about Board policies or Board actions shall be submitted to the Superintendent for review, discussion, and clarification. If the concerns are not addressed to the satisfaction of the parent, group, or School Council a written submission may be made to the Board. The concerned party may also request an appearance before the Board.


Legal Reference: Alberta School Act: Sections, 66, 67, 68, 70
Cross Reference: BCF Advisory Committees to the Board – School Councils
BDDH Public Partici­pation at Board Meetings
BF Policy Advisory Committee
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