Form 260-1

Field Trip Application Form

Timelines for Approval In Principle:

  1. Out of Country (to Board) - at least 5 months before trip.
  2. Beyond 1000 km (to Superintendent) - at least 3 months before trip.   (see attached)
  3. Extra curricular applications (to Superintendent) – 1 month before Board meeting

1. Names of Sponsoring Teaching Staff:

2. Date(s) of Proposed Trip:

3. Destination of Proposed Trip:

Distance:  a. b. c. d.

4. Category of Trip:
Curricular: Co-Curricular: Extra Curricular:
Educational Summary: Yes No
Attached ? Yes No

5. Purpose of Trip:

6. Number and Age/Grade Level of Students

7.Provisions made for special needs students and/or students with medical needs:

8.Means of Travel:

9. Trip Itinerary (Attach a Detailed Itinerary):

10. Financing of Trip (Attached Details Proposed Budget - How Will Trip be Financed?)

11. Supervisors:

12. Outline process for informing parents:

13. Other


Date Submitted: 


Principal's Signature 

Date Approved: