Policy 2 – Appendix A

Board Annual Work Plan


Regular Board Meeting Agenda Items (if scheduled)


  • Submit ASBA Awards Nominations (September Deadlines)
  • Review Staffing Report
  • Review Enrolments Report
  • Review Progress Regarding Board Evaluation Positive Path Forward Actions
  • Approval Board Chair Expenses


  • September 30 Enrolment Report
  • Class Size Reports
  • Prepare for ASBA/PSBAA Fall General Meetings
  • Review Student Accountability Report Including Results of EYE/PAT’s and DIP’s/CAT4/SLAs
  • Fall AGM for PSBA Review of Motions\
  • Review the HR Accountability Report\
  • Partners in Education Appreciation Dinner
  • Election Year Organizational Meeting


  • Receive Post High School ReportReceive Auditors Report
  • Review Fall AGM ASBA Proposed Motions
  • Review Accountability Pillar Report and Surveys
  • Approve Annual Education Results Report (AERR) - Approve Key Results and Priorities
  • Approval of Audited Financial Statement
  • Discuss Trustee Development
  • Schedule Board/Admin Planning Session and Set Agenda



  • Review Thrice Annual Financial
  • Approve Strategic Planning Process
  • Appoint District Auditor and Approve Terms of Engagement


  • Set Negotiations Strategies if applicable
  • Approve Budget Assumptions


  • Review and Approval of District Calendar
  • Approve Edwin Parr Teacher Recommendation
  • Review Thrice Annual Financial
  • Review and approve Capital and Facilities Plan


  • Review School Growth Plans
  • Review Trustee Remuneration


  • Conduct Superintendent of Schools Evaluation
  • Conduct Board Evaluation
  • Preliminary Budget Approval and Transfer of Reserves
  • Approval of Yearly Advocacy Plan
  • Approval of Annual Board Development Plan
  • Select Art 30 Award Recipient


  • Organizational meeting, accepting election year
  • Approve Superintendent Evaluation Report
  • Approve Board Evaluation Report
  • Review Thrice Annual Financial Report
  • Review Management Compensation Committee Report
  • Review Spring SGM ABSA and PSBAA proposed motions
  • Review Board Work Plan for the following year


  • ASBA Zone, PSBC meetings
  • Policy Review
  • Hearings as Needed
  • Approve Locally Developed Courses


April 25, 2018

Legal Reference:

Section 45, 56, 60, 61, 62, 63, 78, 113, 147 School Act

Section 16 Government Accountability Act

Local Authorities Election Act

Results Based Budgeting Act

Borrowing Regulation

Disposition of Property Regulation

Investment Regulation

School Fees Regulation

Early Childhood Services Regulation