Policy 12 – Appendix C

Interview Guide Superintendent Leadership Practices

Perceptions of Principals and Superintendent “Direct Reports”

  1. What evidence can you cite to support or refute the following:
    1. The Superintendent provides clear direction?
    2. The Superintendent provides effective educational leadership?
    3. The Superintendent establishes and maintains positive, professional working relationships with staff?
    4. The Superintendent unites people toward common goals. 
    5. The Superintendent demonstrates a high commitment to meeting student needs?
    6. The Superintendent has a well established value system based on integrity?
    7. The Superintendent empowers others?
    8. The Superintendent effectively solves problems?
    9. Is trustworthy?
  2. What does the Superintendent do, if anything, that helps you do your job effectively?
  3. What does the Superintendent do, if anything, that makes doing your job more difficult to do effectively?

Note: Leadership Practices interviews will be conducted every second year unless the Board determines otherwise.


Legal Reference:

Section 14, 45, 60, 61, 113, 114, 115, School Act

Freedom of Information and privacy protection act