Administrative Procedure 185

System Record Retention


Information is valuable and a critical factor in the achievement of objectives. This Administrative Procedure is to provide for the planning, direction and controlling of District records throughout their life cycle for legal, fiscal and historical purposes.


  1. The Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance shall have responsibility for the administration of the District Records and Information Management Program.
  2. Proper custody, storage and disposal of records shall comply with federal and provincial statutory requirements.
  3. Records shall be the property of the District. It is the procedure of the District to:
    1. Manage all recorded information as a District resource to support effective decision making, to meet operational requirements and to protect the legal, fiscal, and historical needs of the District;
    2. Make the wisest possible use of information within the District by ensuring that it is organized to facilitate the sharing of and access to information by those who require it, subject to legal and policy or procedural constraints; and
    3. Identify and conserve information that serves to reconstruct the evolution of procedures and program decisions or have other enduring value and to ensure that such information is organized in such a manner as to be readily available.
  4. Records shall be reviewed and destroyed according to the following schedule:
    1. Student Records – 28 years from date of birth;
    2. Personnel Records – 70 years from date of birth;
    3. Catalogues, curriculum materials, calendars, leases - until replaced or they become outdated; and
    4. Board minutes, appraisals, boundaries, deeds, easements, land inventories, mortgages, building plans and specifications, pay and benefit summaries; balance sheets; audited financial statements; contracts - permanent.
    5. All other records are to be retained in accordance with ASBA Records Management Guideline, 1998.


March 10, 1997


December 4, 2001, January 17, 2006; September 21, 2016


Section 23, 60, 61, 75, 113 School Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

FOIP Regulation 200/95

Student Record Regulation 225/2006

Information Bulletin 3.2.5 – Access to Information

Information Bulletin 3.2.7 – Student Record Regulation Information

Cross References:

AP 185 Appendix Workspace Security and Organization

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