Administrative Procedure 200 - Appendix

Class Size Monitoring


The composition of the class, the subject area, and the class size are factors that affect the educational process.

The Superintendent or designate will monitor and report class information to the Board twice annually.


  1. The Associate Superintendent, Education and Administration is to establish a monitoring process, and report results with recommendations including implications to the District budget to the Superintendent each October and February as a minimum. The Superintendent will report to the Board each November and March.
  2. Classroom teachers are to address concerns to their Principal about class size and composition when conditions warrant. Principals shall review and may discuss the teachers' concerns with the Associate Superintendent, Education and Administration
  3. District principals shall report to the Associate Superintendent, Education and Administration when divisional class sizes exceed the following guidelines.
    Kindergarten - 3 17
    Grades 4 - 6 23
    Grades 7 - 9 25
    Grades 10 - 12 27
  4. The Associate Superintendent, Education and Administration, upon notice by a District Principal that class size(s) exceeds the guidelines, and/or when conditions warrant, as per section 3, will review the circumstances with the Principal and teacher. The Associate Superintendent, Education and Administration will report to the Superintendent any recommendations as a consequence of the review.


December 4, 2001


October 24, 2011, September 21, 2016


Section 18, 20, 60, 61, 113 School Act

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