Administrative Procedure 311

Lunch Break Responsibilities


The District recognizes the requirements to provide supervision of students during lunch breaks. It is the responsibility of the Principal to provide supervision during the lunch break period respecting the rights of staff to have a reasonable time to have a break for lunch purposes.


  1. Lunch break supervision of students shall be provided for:
    1. Students who are transported to school by bus and not taken home during the lunch break
    2. Students who are permitted by the Principal to remain at school during the entire lunch break.
  2. Supervision duties may be carried out by professional, non-professional staff and/or volunteers.
  3. Each Principal, in consultation with their staff, will determine the effective supervision required and assign supervision and or other assigned duties in a reasonable and equitable manner


June 19, 2000


December 4, 2001, June 22, 2010, September 21, 2016


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