Administrative Procedure 505 - Appendix


Application For Discounted School Fees

The information provided in this document is strictly confidential. It is collected only to determine eligibility for a reduction in school related fees. The form and its content will not be placed on any student records and will not be shared with any member of the instructional staff. Click for Printable PDF Form

Parents/Guardians of students attending Fort McMurray Public School District may be eligible for a discount on their school related fees. Eligibility is based on recognized economic indicators such as Core Need Income Thresholds (CNIT), the number of dependent children and eligibility for other provincial income support program.

The School Principal is the approving authority to apply a fee discount in accordance with the Board policies and guidelines. Any fee reduction must be funded from the local school budget.

Discounts may only be authorized for mandatory fees required for school supplies and material and transportation. Discounted rates are not available for optional activities and programs.

Parent/Guardian (or student if over 18 or an independent student)
Last Name First Name Home Phone #
Address City, Province Work Phone #
Postal Code Email Mobile Phone #

Name of Students attending Fort McMurray Public Schools Application Fees
Last Name First Name Grade School attending Supplies Transport

Financial Information to determine eligibility
  Employment Status
Put “X” in applicable box below
Current Annual estimated Gross Salary Total Income report on last Income Tax Return
  Full Time Part Time or Seasonal No paid employment    
Parent/Guardian #1       $ $
Parent/Guardian #2       $ $
  Total Household Annual Income $ $


Number of dependent Children: ___________________

Are you in receipt of:

Program Yes No
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)    
Alberta Income Support    
Child Support/Alimony    
OTHER (please specify)    


Comments/Additional information by applicant:



I declare that the information on this application is true and complete. The information describes the financial and household situation for my spouse/partner, my dependents, and me.

I understand that I must notify the school administration if there are any changes in my employment status on income level during the school year.

Signature   Date


For School Principal Only:

Approved:   Denied:  
Discount Percent:      
Date:   Initials:  

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